-- 2023 --


above all else guard you heart

Many times, women care about others (Kids, parents, neighbours, social engagements).  That is a wonderful character trait, to sense the needs and wishes of others and to be able to help.
How would it be to apply that to ourselves?  Is it even possible possible without a guilty conscience?


"​Resilience – the power of overcoming"

​Thru movement, circle dance, body perception, improvisation, imagination, partnering and sharing we will experiment and encourage each other in our personal growth and lifestyle.


"Sounding and Dancing"

​Sounding means ringing, vibrating, resounding, swinging, intoning a song, penetrating, humming, howling, hissing, singing, reciting sounds, purring, humming ...Science states: Toning and humming have a positive effect on the vagus nerve and bring a special kind of relaxation.


"What is shaping me?"

  • ​What of our cultural and sociological background have we internalized?
  • And how does that influence and shape my personality, my way of thinking, my will, actions, and emotions?
  • What would be my favoured country or my preferred culture correlating best with my personality?
  • What can we take on or learn from other cultures ethnologically speaking?

​These questions won’t just stay in our head but will initialize movement in our bodies as we dance to new rhythms and experiment with the fragrance of the far-away worlds.