-- 2020 --

​Strong women and so normal un-holy

07. Jan - 04. Feb. 2020

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​Let’s dance into 2020 accompanied by women from the Bible

Starting with Eve, the original woman of all women, from whom we all derive from, but who also messed it up quite a bit… to Tamar, who put a radical turn into her tragic life story in an adventurous way, to Rahab a courageous prostitute who did not rely on outward security and therefore saved herself and her entire family, as well as Ruth, a caring foreigner, who lost everything in order to gain so much more in the end to finally Bathsheba (the beautiful wife of Uriah) who got entangled with King David….

These Life stories sound all so un-holy in a liberating way. It is gonna be exciting meeting up with these women thru dance… surely they will enrich and inspire us in our circumstances and whatever life throws at us personally.

​What do I really want?

25. Feb - 07. July 2020

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​What does my heart like?
What does my soul need?

That might be contrary to what society or my upbringing is dictating, the expectations of how to play my role well or what the system is demanding of me. How can my life prosper in the midst of this field of tension? How can I find and live what is truly mine?

Through movement we will face these questions, listen to our heart and sense what our soul desires. Body awareness and partner exercises, as well as meditative group dances and creative media will be part of the classes.

​In the here and now

18. Aug - 22. Sept 2020

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​For the fall quarter 2020 the focus is not so much be on an overall theme but rather it will be on yourself, your very own topic and on whatever moves you.

With our own inner construction site, we will feel our body resonating and try out fitting exercises as we move along. Especially as a group we can embrace the systematic aspects of it and incorporate elements from Psychodrama and Gestalt therapy.

The group setting will provide a possibility to experience healing on yourself as well as on others…. For that we will go on imaginary travels, do self-awareness exercises, get to know new relaxation techniques and dance meditative or wild dances.

It will be an exciting process that will lead us to learn with and from each other since no (wo)man is an island….


20. Oct - 15. Dec 2020

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

Body awareness floor exercises, meditative and fast dances, various materials, free dancing and partner work will move us thru the night and support us in our process of growth.