-- 2016 --

​Let your inner child out to dance

​01. Mar - 19. Apr 2016

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​​The inner child in us gets room to show itself and a voice to express itself...

to be amazed, to laugh, to cry, to be mad, to love, to be vulnerable, to trust, to be fully absorbed in play, to move, full of fantasy and entrepreneur desire….
Thru body awareness exercises we sense our deepest inner self with its wishes and dreams. With the use of different media we get to play with ourselves and each other.

​Spoil Yourself

​05. Mar - 24. Sep 2016

​Saturday afternoon 13:00 - 17:00

​On these Special Saturday afternoons you are free to move around and let yourself be moved on the inside.

Together with a breath therapist, an aroma therapist and a music therapist I am thrilled to introduce the following highlights. This gives you the chance to get to get a feel for the various therapies, to explore a variety of excercises and to get to know the different therapists.

Sept. 24th 2016 -- Thank You For The Music...
We are going to dive into different kinds of rhythms and move to all sorts of styles. There will be room to vocalize and make music. When experimenting with sounds we let our voice dance and experience new strings vibrating deep inside us.
Included in the program are dances from Israel and Africa.

Co lead with Barbara Quiram, Music Therapist i.A.

May 21st 2016 -- Aroma Dance
The sense of smell is closely connected with our memories and our wellbeing.
○ How do I feel well in my own skin?
○ What does me well?

We will sense what different aromas trigger in us.
○ What inner pictures emerse?
○ What feelings and movements awake?
○ What helps me to relax?

Includes a mutual massage and your very own aroma dance.

(10 CHF surcharge for fragrances at Aroma dance class)

Co lead with Damaris Grunder, Aroma Therapist

March 5th 2016 -- Feel The Wind Under Your Wings
What carries me, holds me up - what moves me?
What raises me to new heights?

You will follow your own breath and as it moves you. In full awareness of our breathing, our thoughts will come to rest as we return home to ourselves. Freshly strengthened and newly inspired we get ready to break free and dare to start into the unknown.

It is going to be exciting and relaxing!

Co lead with Eveline Geber, Breath Therapist

​Your Source of Power

10. May - 12. July 2016

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

All my fountains are in you“ (Ps. 87:7)

This quarter we are exploring our inner strengths and resources.

​○ What revives and refreshes me?
○ Where do I draw my energy from?
○ What feeds my soul?
○ What resources have been buried or where do I block myself?
○ Are there any hidden treasures that I have not yet discovered?

Realize the connection between muscle power and inner strength via your voice, silence, music, nature, blessings and touch.
With creative media and diverse body awareness exercises, we will experiment with tenacity and vigor and let our powers be at play.

​True Colors

23. Aug - 04. Oct 2016

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​In this entire world there is no one who thinks, feels and looks like you!
This uniqueness we want to discover in each other, celebrate it thru self-awareness exercises and enjoy it in dance, improvisation and partner exercises.
Who does not know the deep desire to be authentic and loved? This quarter we are going to discover and show our own true colors in a world that sometimes seems blindingly colorful and other times solemnly gray.
We are going to focus on questions like:

○ Why do I want to just blend in at times like a chameleon?
○ What is keeping me from living my uniqueness and from swimming against the current?
○ How can I stand up for myself, stick to my rhythm and sing my own song?
○ What gives me the courage to live self-confident and stay true to myself?

We want to discover our full potential and encourage one another to live out the color-full dream that our Creator God placed in each one of us.


01. Nov - 20. Dec 2016

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

What is seen is temporary, but the unseen is eternal.2. Cor. 4:18

In the last quarter of this year we are looking at the component of time in our dance of life and giving some loving attention to our bodies. What is the tempo of my life at the moment and how does that feel like for me? How can I relate to eternity in my day to day life?

Together we are going to reflect on timing, urgency and importance of things.  Especially during the time before Christmas everyone tends to get stressed out. How can I cope differently this year and see time as a gift?

In our bodies we are going to play with the meaning of time by using fast/sudden and slow/gradual movement sequences. We will also counter-balance stress through relaxation exercises since there is a time for everything under the sun.