-- 2018 --

​The Art of Living and the courage to change

09. Jan - 06. Feb 2018

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​We can shape our own lives and yet too often are stuck in old patterns.

At the beginning of every New Year there are good intentions and New Year’s resolutions like:

○ no more chocolate,
○ more sports,
○ try out a new hobby,
○ get out more and mingle,
○ grow spiritually…

Many of these well-meant good intentions fizzle out over the year without any real long lasting impact or success.

This quarter we want to be transparent in the realization of our wishes for change and support each other at it.

​Dance as creative prayer
Dance seminar for women

03. Mar 2018


​Worshipping God creatively with the body and with everything that we have.
He has given himself completely and if we surrender ourselves completely toHim with our whole being, with all our strength and with all our senses,then heaven and earth will collide and we will be transformed.

When we encounter God through dance, we will be touched and moved by the Holy Spirit whichwill bring about breakthroughs.Body work and perceptual exercises alternate with danceimprovisation and group dances.

​A matter of trust

06. Mar - 17. April 2018

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​"Don’t lose your confidence, since it holds a great reward for you.“ 
Hebr. 10:35

○ Whom can I trust?
○ Can I trust myself?
○ Can I trust others?
○ Is trust extendable?
○ Can basic trust be restored after negative experiences?

We will encourage each other to integrate hope into our thought life and to take new steps of faith as we are learning
to let go,
to trust,
to entrust and to invite healing after experiences of mistrust.

With our bodies we will engage in exercises of trust and see how to translate them into our everyday lives.

​​The 10 Secrets of Love

08. May - 10. July 2018

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​This summer quarter we will examine the secret of love (following Adam Jackson) over ten evenings and embody different loving ideas as we go along.

We will examine our imagination to see how much it influences our relationships, build up our self-respect and reflect on the power of giving.

We will focus on our friendships,
enjoy touch through interactive exercises
and try letting go and improving our communication.

What role does commitment, passion and trust play in my life?

​World of emotions

21. Aug - 02. Oct 2018

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​Understanding and dancing through emotions.

Joy, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, love, jealousy…

Where do I find each emotion inside of me?
How can I express anger the best without hurting others or myself ?< br /> Which places belong to love and tenderness in my life?
Which emotions do I tend to suppress?
How can I get in touch with buried feelings and how do I cope with what I find?
In what way do emotions from my past influence me here and now?< br/>
We will let ourselves be moved by these questions and are excited about our personal discoveries

A try out session is possible only the first night of the term. From then on, the exciting group process needs to be protected.

​The divine dance: A dancing approach to the mystery of the trinity

23. Oct - 18. Dec 2018

​Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

​The last quarter of the year we will look up...
In view of us celebrating God becoming man this December, we want to make room for our amazing and unfathomable God with all his facets and qualities.

We will enter into dance with the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit and will let ourselves be carried away by them.

What is God’s choreography for my life?
How can I surrender more and let him lead me in this dance of life?
How can he become more real in me?
And what kind of gifts are there to be discovered?

God is not a dancer. He is the dance himself. And he invites everyone to become a part of it when we live in unison with him.Richard Rohr