19:15 - 21:45
(ZOOM: 19:15-20:30)

"What Is Shaping Me?"

​​Our mindset is not free as such – we live in a frame of reference of human norms and values. That supports us and enables a functioning coexistence. Not everything has to be negotiated anew. There are manners and customs that give us an orientation in our European-Swiss sociological and cultural context.

​When we go on holidays, we notice that it is all relative, a different wind is blowing and that is not just about the climate but also relational: hospitality, bargaining, etiquette, women’s rights, religious belief systems. It can seem strange at first but also adventurous and freeing to step out of our success-minded surroundings.

  • ​What of our cultural and sociological background have we internalized?
  • And how does that influence and shape my personality, my way of thinking, my will, actions, and emotions?
  • What would be my favoured country or my preferred culture correlating best with my personality?
  • What can we take on or learn from other cultures ethnologically speaking?

​These questions won’t just stay in our head but will initialize movement in our bodies as we dance to new rhythms and experiment with the fragrance of the far-away worlds.

Jointly led with:  
Beatrix Amrhein
Certified Dance and Self-Expression Therapist