19:15 - 21:45
(ZOOM: 19:15-20:30)

"Sounding and Dancing"

​Sounding means ringing, vibrating, resounding, swinging, intoning a song, penetrating, humming, howling, hissing, singing, reciting sounds, purring, humming ...

Science states: Toning and humming have a positive effect on the vagus nerve and bring a special kind of relaxation.

​This summer quarter we will give space to express ourselves vocally and to "paint" with timbres. In addition to the dance expression, we let the sounds dance along.We explore on ourselves what the sounds we hear do to us and what emotions or movement impulses they triggerWe feel the vibrations in our body while humming or singing along. Any inhibitions are broken down and one's own voice is rediscovered and moved together with the body.

Joint leadership with
Beatrix Amrhein
Certified Dance and Expression Therapist