​Dynamics in the body

We explore the different moods, areas of tension and movement qualities in the body and deal with their subtle resonances.

For this purpose, we will design experiences that enable you to become aware of your own expression, for example in facial expressions, muscle tension, posture, dance and voice. We give space to this self-experience, both in peace and in movement and in encounters. ​

Together we will track down the symptoms of illness that our own body expresses, such as “my stomach is acting up” or “something is giving me a headache”. 

We look forward to physically experience the healing presence of our maker, his good perspectives and life giving words through meditation dances, partner exercises and improvisation.​

​​ On-Site Sessions: (19.15-21.45h)
​07.05 / 21.05 / 04.06 / 18.06 / 02.07.2024

​​Online Zoom Sessions: (19.15-20.30h)
​14.05 / 28.05 / 11.06 / 25.06 / 09.07.2024

​Group Therapy

10 Sessions

Mobile: +41 (0)76 512 71 11


Thomaskirche Heuried
Burstenwiesenstrasse 44
8055 Zürich

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