19:15 - 20:3

​Body history via zoom

​This quarter leading up to summer we will give our full attention to your body.We will focus on topics like acceptance, beauty ideals, self-care and we will train ourselves for a more positive way to deal with ourselves.The following questions will lead us thru the course:

  • ​​How do I feel at home in my body?
  • ​What is my body biography?
  • ​Where do I just use my body?
  • ​How do I deal with weakness and pain?
  • ​How can I generate a more loving attention towards myself?
  • ​What does my body good and what is rather harmful?
  • ​How can I befriend my body anew?

​"​Do something nice for your body
so that your soul will want to live in it."
Teresa von Avila

Jointly led with
Beatrix Amrhein
Certified Dance and Self-Expression Therapist


​Image from Freepik