​Out of sheer curiosity, I tried a one-on-one dance therapy session shortly after giving birth to my second son.  At that time in my life, I felt tired, exhausted and absorbed by the needs of my small kids. I was in full-on function-mode of being a mom.  

During my first dance therapy session, as I started to feel myself again, I was overcome with emotions and started tearing up.  I found a way to connect with myself again and could sense and follow my own movement impulses.  It was a very freeing experience and I *fell in love* with this form of therapy where I could literally let my body speak.  

In 2014 I successfully completed my training as a dance therapist and I am now, more than ever, thrilled to guide and accompany people of all ages on their individual journey of discovering their own body history.


​Dance therapy is an integrative psychotherapy which allows the body to speak up and express itself. 
Through movement: deeper expression of feelings, ideas, ambitions, desires and relationships can be actualized.

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"​Dynamics in the body"

​We explore the different moods, areas of tension and movement qualities in the body and deal with their subtle resonances. 

For this purpose, we will design experiences that enable you to become aware of your own expression, for example in facial expressions, muscle tension, posture, dance and voice. 

We give space to this self-experience, both in peace and in movement and in encounters.

❖ May 2024 - July 2024



​After the summer holidays, we get moving with our social environment. We all live within different relationship patterns. Some relationships feel more like a prison or entanglement, some are more fragile or loose, others are strong and reliable. There are different expectations and ideas within the personal social network.

❖ Aug 2024 - Oct 2024



​Creative Clinical Supervision

​Clinical supervision supports the management of difficult professional tasks, challenges, dead ends and crises in order to open up opportunities for choice and development for health professionals. Since modern working life is becoming more and more complex, demanding and stressful, clinical supervision aims to improve difficult communication structures and to optimize relationship structures.

Creative clinical supervision uses the creative expression of problems and thus enables a change of perspective in entrenched work situations and encourages trying out new solutions.



​Grow beyond yourself

​​This training offers a unique opportunity to combine therapeutic skills with Christian values and thus use the healing power of faith in therapy.

Chreatherapie represents the holistic approach that includes body, mind and soul. Dance and movement promote this wholeness.

Through the connection with the Creator, new creative processes arise that resolve constraints and lead to freedom. 


​​Andrea Trilby

​Clinical Supervisor, Certified Creative Dance and Expression Therapist, Certified Theater Instructor, Certified Educator, Author, Married and a Mother of two teenagers.

​Mobile: +41 (0)76 512 71 11

​Previous fields of work: 
​​Seminar activities, women's shelter, grammar school teacher, adult education, psychiatry clinic, rehabilitation facility

Personal insights into my work

​Heal life with life.

​I am convinced of a power to heal and restore that can touch our deepest depths and transform us. Dance, music and creativity are gifts, means and forces that help to express what is on the inside of us.

​I believe in a loving Creator who has a real interest in this world and in every single person.

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Why Shoes-Off...

​The name shoes-off might remind you of when Moses took his shoes off as God revealed himself in the burning bush.

​Shoes-off Dance Therapy invites you to let go of outside appearances, step out of roles that you have taken on, so you can sense your true self again.

Dance therapy can help you find new ground to stand on and to leave your own foot print on this planet earth. It is not about any performance but rather allowing your inner most being to come out and express itself freely. Whatever was unspoken in the past may take room and even the faintest voices can be heard.​

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