R. M.

"It was amazingly usefull. It's brilliant. I am not afraid anymore. I'm really doing well. Most of all, the fear is gone and I can sleep. I wake up once more in the night, but without fear.

Thank you thank you so very much."


D. L.

"​In the group I experienced a lot over the last years:

  • Getting rid of inhibitions, limits and masks
  • Openness without prejudice: everyone can be as they are
  • Time, Calmness, Breathing, to find to oneself, loving awareness
  • Dances as a bridge to fellowship and body contact
  • Realizing my own boundaries and possibilities
  • Experiencing simple truths inside the body and to pass them on
  • Awareness through touch and through touching the body, the soul gets touched
  • Alive, awake, open and alert

May this open support group of believers stay so alive, creative, empathetic and grow to be a blessing for all participants and though that for more circles of people. Thank you!"


A. L.

"​Tuesday nights just do me well. I can come and be as I am. I value the openness and the mutual respect in the group. We encounter one another with kindness and encouragement. We share what is going on in our lives, mostly without words just through movement and dancing. I can move just as I feel like at the moment. I am always amazed how through dancing I can release stress and let go off thoughts or get a new perspective and ideas."


C. M.

"​I wanted to thank you for each dancing session that you have invested yourself into with so much love. It creates miracles. May God reward you!"


S. B.

"​I value the special connection and familiarity in the group, as well as the body exercises, the dances and the sharing."


D. G.

"​My apprenticeship I partly owe to you and the group because you gave me hope again. Also I realized that I don’t always have to think so religiously. I always think about you and thank God for all that I have learnt from you. A big thank you to all the women of the group. I keep you in my heart!"



"​I come sporadically to do a one-on-one dance therapy session. I am happy that if I get stuck, that there is someone that I can talk things over with. You always give very valuable feedbacks; your comments are encouraging, and I can hear the Holy Spirit so well in those sessions. Every time things get clearer and I get new insights on wrong patterns in my life and lies such as “I gotta do it all on my own” or “I gotta protect myself”. I realize that the problems that I looked at with you, I leave there and don’t take them back home. It has a long-lasting impact. Each time it is a piece of art, the choice of music and the good questions you pose. You do that so professionally with a variety of methods to get aware of feelings and express them. I can highly recommend it to all."