Personal Therapy

Dance therapy is an integrative psychotherapy which allows the body to speak up and express itself. Through movement: deeper expression of feelings, ideas, ambitions, desires and relationships can be actualized.


Group therapy

Body Wonderwork

The human body is truly a piece of art by an amazing artist. Together we will go on an anatomic discovery tour through organs, muscle fibres, the skeleton, circulation of the blood and the nervous system. Everything is interconnected and tuned into each other. A lot is happening unconsciously and automatically inside of us.

 On-Site Sessions: (19.15-21.45h)
     ​23.08 / 06.09 / 20.09 / 04.10.2022

 OnLine Zoom Sessions: (19.15-20.30h)
     30.08 / 13.09 / 27.09.2022


Andrea Trilby

Supervisor in training, Certified Creative Dance and Expression Therapist, Certified Theater Instructor, Certified Educator, Author, Married and a Mother of two

Previous areas of experience:
seminar activity, women's shelter, grammar school teacher, adult education, psychiatry clinic, rehabilitation facility

Personal insights into my work

Heal life with life.

I am convinced of a power to heal and restore that can touch our deepest depths and transform us. Dance, music and creativity are gifts, means and forces that help to express what is on the inside of us.

I believe in a loving Creator who has a real interest in this world and in every single person.


Why Shoes-Off...

The name shoes-off might remind you of when Moses took his shoes off as God revealed himself in the burning bush.

Shoes-off Dance Therapy invites you to let go of outside appearances, step out of roles that you have taken on, so you can sense your true self again.

Dance therapy can help you find new ground to stand on and to leave your own foot print on this planet earth. It is not about any performance but rather allowing your inner most being to come out and express itself freely. Whatever was unspoken in the past may take room and even the faintest voices can be heard.


Experience healing through the body



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