- 05.Okt


Tuesday Evening 19:15 - 21:45

How can I get from my tunnel view to an eagle’s perspective, from navel gazing to new outlooks on the future?
Focussing on perspectives we will be dancing thru next quarter from summer into fall while we reflect on our own views as well as on those from society and from God.

  • How do they affect each other and me?
  • Am I more the introspective type or do I rely more on the outside worldview?

We will be experimenting with the micro – and microcosmos and research how detailed movements as well as broad movements alter our own personal view.

  • What kind of life situations trigger a tunnel view?
  • How can I rid myself off fixations?
  • What helps me not to stay stuck in the swamp or in old patterns / views?
  • Where do I rather look away and when do I rather dwell on my past than to move forward?
  • Where do I I need a change of perspective or an extended view?

All these questions we will hand over to our body who will be putting them into movement and surprise us with answers.